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Plumbing leaks can be elusive and destructive. Water leaks can cost hundreds of dollars every day.

National Plumbing uses the most technologically advanced non-invasive methods to accurately locate hidden water leaks. From home leak detection to commercial leak detection, our team of dedicated specialists can assist you throughout Brisbane.

Contact National Plumbing today. We will find and fix your leak fast!

Leak Detection Brisbane

Water Leak Repairs

Repairing leaking pipe in Brisbane

How to Repair a Water Leak

We can repair and install all internal and external water pipework. We only use the best quality materials to fix water leaks. Our water leak detection system uses advanced sensor technology to precisely detect the location of the water leak. All our leak repairs and leak detection methods are above Australian Standards.

National Plumbing Brisbane has concrete demolition saws and can cut concrete for you. We can remove concrete with powerful jackhammers, dispose of all concrete waste and re-concrete any and all areas needing this.

We can cut walls and temporary cover sections to gain access to repair water leaks. If the leak is in a garden bed, we will backfill around all our repairs with the correct bedding sand.

We can supply and install pressure reduction values onto your water meter to reduce the risk of future water leaks.

Upon completion, we will record the water meter reading so that you can easily claim your excess water bill through the council and provide you with a written report of the completed works so that you can claim on insurance.

Water Leak Detection FAQs

How Does Water Leak Detection Work?

All water leaks in pipes produce sounds. An electronic water leak detection system operates on that principle.

Electronic leak detection equipment amplifies the sound of the moving water, using microphones, digital amplifiers and filters – allowing the leaking pipe to be identified.

Once the leaking pipe is identified – then the pressure in the line can be altered to create a specific sound that the technician uses to pinpoint the leak. The sound of pressure escaping from a broken pipe varies depending on the circumstances of the type of pipe, location and amount of water escaping.

Our leak detection Brisbane specialists can detect leaks with a variety of non-invasive acoustic leak detection technologies. We can cost-effectively and efficiently detect leaks in difficult pipe types and situations using a water leak sensor without breaking ground or disrupting service.

How Can I Check for Water Leaks?

If you get a large water bill and think you have a leak somewhere – there’s a couple of steps you can take to see if you have a water leak.

To find out if you have a water leak, follow these 5 easy steps. You can take the measurement of your water meter and sometime later measure it again to see if it has moved/changed.

1. Turn off all taps and stop using any water-using fixtures at your house (dishwashers and washing machine etc.).

2. Locate your water meter. It will be between the curb and your property.

3. Record the reading of your meter.

4. Make sure that no water is used within your test time frame. Do not turn any taps on or flush the toilet. Leave a minimum of about 2 hours to test for best results.

5. After your test period – read your water meter again.

If there has been a change in your meter reading – then you have a leak!

If you have a water leak that can’t be located by checking fixtures such as the toilet or taps – you may have a breakage in your water pipes. We recommend that you arrange for a Brisbane plumber to inspect and repair immediately.

How Much Does Water Leak Detection Cost?

The cost of leak detection can vary depending on the type of equipment required and the type and location of the water leak.

Finding and fixing leaks as soon as possible can reduce your water bill and prevent the need for costly additional services for any subsequent water damage.

So if you’re struggling to find or fix a water leak – just call leak detection Brisbane for an emergency appointment and get the issue fixed quickly without worrying about any extra repair work. National Plumbing Brisbane is always ready and open 7 days a week to ensure any untimely plumbing issues that may arise get fixed quick!

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